Wedding Photography Tip #1: Wear comfortable shoes
You have to wear comfortable shoes or if you want you can bring your wedding shoes with you. You have to feel comfortable all shooting time.

Wedding Photography Tip #2: Use zoom lenses for starting
You need to relax at the begining while photographer is taking photos.  You will naturally begin to interact with each other and photographer will be able to get the natural shots.  This is the favorite way to START a wedding shoot of the couple.  By starting far away, you feel like alone in place with your partner.

Wedding Photography Tip#3: Don’t try another person moves
Just be yourself. Relax and think about “How much do you like your partner!” Get connection on romance naturally.

Wedding Photography Tip #4: Let photographer take the details!
Photographer can take a photo of the bride’s ring sitting on a book, a picture of the buttons on the bride’s dress, a picture of the cake topper, etc.  You have spent months preparing every tiny little detail and you will appreciate photos of each of those things.  Photographer usually like to take photos of the details while the reception hall is being set up because the lights are turned on and it’s easier to get the shot. Be patient so you will see details make your photos delicious.

Wedding Photography Tip #5: Have fun  too!
Natural photos show your real character. Don’t think how your smile looks like! Just smile and have fun , it’s your day and don’t think ‘must do’ things…

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